There is no denying the fact that I am very much a City girl so when purchasing a road bike in March last year and taking on the challenge to explore the beautiful Sussex hills and weald, no need to mention it was a ride away from my comfort zone.

A year on after months of battling with a series of crises, cycling and photography have helped me through the most difficult times and transformed my life in many positive ways.

First of all and most importantly, I have made new friends. Friendship has always been a priority, not only for the simple reason that good friends remain through the ups and downs life brings but also because a social ride is a wonderful way of connecting, sharing experiences, exploring new places and routes less traveled.

Cycling has always played an important role in my life. A very close relationship with a cyclist and wonderful man that was my French grandfather has inspired me to explore the sense of freedom, well being, the experience and the commune with nature riding a bike brings from a very young age. I remember his smile when leaving on his Sunday rides as a little girl and have caught myself so many times wearing the same smile when riding down some peaceful and deserted Sussex lanes.

Photography is the chosen channel to express my creativity and record the way I see the world. Using my Smartphone has opened up a whole new world and enabled me to have a compact and complete medium to take pictures, record and share my photos on social media I could carry in the back pocket of my jersey when riding my bike.


Words and photos by @carinesinsta



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