It has been quite a while since I wrote the first Ride with a View blog post… I hope you have all had a good Summer and found time to get on your bikes.

Unless you are a professional cyclist, time spent in the saddle for most of us is often limited to commuting to work and stealing a few hours away from family life at the weekend – if you have a supportive partner that is – if you don’t then you can probably rule weekend rides out too.

But Summer gives us some precious extra hours of sunlight and more opportunities to ride.

Finding the time to ride in the daytime when you have a desk job is possible if you commute to work on your bike. I do extend my time spent on two wheels by doing the school run and ride into work – it is a short time but enables me to empty my head, breathe, think and keep me fit and sane – parents will be able to relate here…

Then we have evening Summer rides and I must admit they are my favourite. The soft golden hour light is so beautiful, the roads quieter and on the warmest days the temperature drops just enough to make the ride comfortable, take in the view and take some nice pictures.

Furthermore, Summer riding includes occasionally time away from home in the form of holidays or short breaks with or without kids.

It did not take too much convincing again this year for my two sons to agree to go to the Ile de Re in France for the third consecutive Summer, because frankly, going on an island where there are more cycle paths than roads is very appealing to kids and parents alike. Also because there is nothing more exhilarating than riding on the most beautiful island amongst salt marshes to the beach in the day and racing through the dark with only the moon and stars for company on a grasshopper’s soundtrack at night.

Finding time to ride with friends is even more challenging especially when they have a schedule as busy as yours but there is always a way to manage to find pockets of time after work to ride together on a few warm Summer evenings. The best way to go riding with friends is very last minute ride – it always works out – but try planning a month in advance and no way, Jose, it never, ever happens.

Finally finding time to train for a specific event is virtually mission impossible. The best way is to agree to be part of it, even if you are fully aware of your unfit state and the fact that you will make a fool of yourself. Personally it doesn’t bother me and ridicule has never killed anybody. I don’t know how I signed up  to do the Rapha 100 for the second time running with a group of friends this year . For some of you who have ridden around the world or joined the Audax club, 100k is a walk in the park. Not enough miles in the saddle and training made 100k a not so comfortable and enjoyable experience but I rose to the challenge, ate lots of cake and completed it.

Summer is drawing to a close and I have resigned myself to the fact that I may not be KOM, be faster or beat anybody on a Strava segment, but have managed to find time to get on the bike, breathe, look up, take photos of the most beautiful landscapes along the way and ride alongside very special people.

This is what Ride with a View is about after all…


Words and photos by @carinesinsta

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