We’re always saying to my two year old, “Let’s go on an adventure!” as we start assembling our various bike/trailer/kids seat/balance bike combinations and he joyfully replies, “Yay! Adventure! Dinosaurs!” You can guarantee there will always be dinosaurs on our family bike rides (nine times out of ten they’ll be imaginary).

But this coming season will be a bit of a solo adventure for me. I was stoked to hear that Flare Clothing has accepted my sponsorship application!

I figure it must have had something to do with my coming 3rd in the 2005 XC NPS… Did I say 2005…?

My son, Ryder, is two, and his new baby sister, Heidi, is just three months old. I was riding whilst pregnant right up to birth, most of the time with Ryder in the back seat, and Heidi had her first trailer ride at five weeks old. I’ve gotten used to the extra weight now and regular ride with at least one of them in the trailer.

I’m hoping that this will prove to be an excellent training strategy as, come my first race day, my passenger free bike should feel so light!

I’m so excited to be able to get back in to XC racing as part of team. The Flare girls have all been so supportive already and I’m inspired by the stuff they’re riding (most of them are DH specialists), so this will help push me to shred like a girl.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m going to be the best dressed girl on the course either!

So, in the words of Ryder: “Yay! Adventure!” (I can guarantee, nine times out of ten I’ll be on the podium. Although, that’s likely to be in my imagination… along with the dinosaurs.)



Words and photos by @pinkmtbr


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