This year my Dad and I have decided to start cycling to and from school.

I feel exhilarated when I ride to school because when the wind hits your face it feels like flying.

I’m really awake when I get to school and it’s a joy to think that at the end of the day I will be riding again to get home.

It is very healthy for you. It helps me with my balance and fitness for gym. I’m less afraid to do rolls and run across the beam now that I ride every day.

Sometimes I find it hard to push off at junctions, there is one steep hill on the way that I find challenging, the weather can be gruelling and we have to be quite organised (I have to swap my helmet, cycling trousers and shoes for my school skirt, tights and shoes when I get there).

But my cycling skills are getting better every day, I will conquer the hills, hopefully the weather will improve as spring approaches and I will get more organised as we keep on riding.

I hope to be a cycling ambassador and show other people at school that you can ride a bike and not use a car. I am the only person that rides to school at the moment.  It is amazing to think that I am doing my bit to save the environment day by day.


Words and photos by @sunsetgirl_10 and @velo_dlg

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