It comes as no surprise that at we love cycling! Not only in Spain were we have our base, but also in The Netherlands. The big cities like Amsterdam are perfect for a nice bike ride. And if you look around you can find a lot of people on fixie bikes. The (mostly) bright colors and the sleek, simple design are hard to miss.

Did you know that in Holland there are more bikes than people? It´s common to have an old, crappy bike to go to the city when you go out (since unfortunately there´s a big chance it gets stolen) and a nice(r) bike, like a fixie, to use for road trips and alley cats. Of course this doesn´t mean you can´t use your fixie on a daily basis. Most of the people at our office come to work every day on their personalized fixie bike!

The best part about the Dutch culture of going on bike everywhere is that in Holland you can find a lot of cycle paths. Just make sure you avoid all the people who are walking on them. Especially tourist, who don´t always know the difference between the sidewalk and a bike path, which can lead to confusing situations. Fortunately it´s easy to mount a brake on your fixie, so you can avoid unpleasant bumping into. Another great feature about a fixie is the many options you have to make the bike your own. Change the tires, switch the steer and mount different pedals and you have a bike that you don´t see anywhere else.


Words and photos by @santafixie

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