When you get right into the heart of it, that’s what it comes down to…Escape. Not running away, that’s something the me of 15 years ago might have self-destructively sought out. No, think of it more like a pause button; “Can we stop this fairground ride for a bit? I just need to stretch my legs..”

It’s a chance for all the accumulated mental detritus to percolate through into some rational sense of order. Using those sharp, steep hills to punish the guy in the steel box that nearly knocked you into the verge. Using that technical, rooty singletrack to narrow your entire world into just a few high speed feet in front of you. Using that long stretch of flat, smooth tarmac to lull you into a soothing cadence and lift your consciousness. Using that hot summer sun to warm your soul. Using that cold needle rain to cleanse your spirit. Using those fantastic views to give you some much needed perspective.

And sometimes, when things start hurting, it helps to put just a little more distance between you and those demons.

I love getting out and chewing the fat with friends, old and new; Sharing a common bond of things two wheeled. But when it’s just me and the bike with nothing but the sky as our companion and adventure in potentia, well then, I’m done..

See you in a few hours..

Words and photos by @bobcatmax

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