Saturday morning, the only day of the week I can go for a longer ride, my legs hurt from a week of stepping up and down ladders, installing window displays, room sets, decorating, doing the school run and commuting by bike to work, the craziness of being a single parent and running a house singlehandedly.

My body is tricking me into staying in bed and getting some rest, my mind is telling me to get out there and ride my bike.

It is grey and freezing cold outside and the incessant rain is hitting the bedroom windows.

‘Stay in bed’ whisper my legs, ‘go and ride’ whispers my head.

Roll out of bed, cup of coffee, bacon baguette, James, the rain has stopped!

A kick out of the door and off we go, it won’t be a long ride, we say, just one to stretch our legs and have fun, we say, look at the views and get some fresh air, we say.

Couple of hours later, back at the front door, bikes and bodies covered in mud, tired, achy, bikes to clean, big smiles, clear mind and ready for another week.

Shut up legs, the mind won again until next Saturday.

Words and photos by @carinesinsta

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