When did you start riding?
I’ve always ridden a bike of some sort. I got into mountain biking in my early teens and as things broke my MTB became simpler and simpler (no gears / no suspension etc). A friend suggested I get a BMX and that became my bike of choice. The friends I made and the sense of community was such a great thing to be a part of growing up. It gave me a hobby and something to do in a quiet town. I moved away to Glasgow when I was 20 and due to work and not knowing anyone to ride with (this was pre internet really) my bike gathered dust and eventually got sold. Fast forward to 2009 and I moved to Brighton and we had a cycle to work scheme going on so I picked up a single speed bike. That was great and I had some adventures all over Sussex on it but I quickly realised that if I wanted to get up hills then I was going to need some gears. That led onto getting my first ‘proper’ road bike and the love affair with cycling really started all over again at that point.

What bike do you ride or ride the most?
I had always wanted a Cannondale bike ever since I saw Martyn Ashton doing a stunt show at the British Touring Cars probably in 95/96 when the Cannondale mountain bike team were sponsored by Volvo. I purchased a CAAD 10 a couple of years ago and it’s been an ongoing evolution of part changes up until this point.

Is there anything special about your bike?
It’s pretty light! The last time I weighed it I think it was 6.81kg which for an aluminium framed bike is very weight weenie. I’ve recently picked up a Cannondale SuperSix frame and my aim is to get it under 6kg.

Have you got a favourite ride or place to ride and why?
Hills. All about the hills. I’m a skinny guy so going up hills suits me pretty well. I love some of the Surrey hills and up north in the Peak district.

What is the most amazing thing you have done on a bike?
We went cycling in the French Alps last year which was incredible. I thought I knew how to ride hills but the mountains over there are in a different category!

If you were to go on a cycling adventure where would you go?
Japan for sure. I’ve seen so many incredible photos where it looks like the vegetation and plant life are trying to take back the roads and make them impassible. It looks so beautiful over there.

Why do you ride?
The enjoyment. There are so many elements of cycling that I love whether it be the social side, the technology, the escapism. The health side of things is just a bonus!

How do you feel when cycling ?
Knackered usually! Hahaha. I think its more revealing to see how I feel when I’m not cycling. I always know when I haven’t been out on my bike for a few days. I get restless and feel like my legs are tensing up. Thats when I know I need to get out for a few hours.

How do you capture the views ?
Well Chase Jarvis said ‘The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You’ and that pretty much rings true with me. I always have my iPhone on me and the camera is great for photos that will be destined for the web. If I have room to carry it then I sometimes bring along my Yashica T4 which takes a great photo.


Words and photos by @vneilv

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