エイドとなる商店など何もない、孤独なカテゴリー2の坂を登りきった頂上では、世界第2位の大きさのカルデラ湖 ”屈斜路湖” が眼下に広がり、あなたを祝福してくれるでしょう。これはとても印象的な瞬間です。

If you have never been to, you would have the impression that the land is small or the roads are narrow for Japan. That’s almost right, but not quite true.

I live in Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan. A large proportion of the island is covered by forests, mountains, and great wheat fields. The roads sometimes extends straight to skyward , or winding along the coasts. Of course the island has also few epic climbs. So I’d say Hokkaido is the best bet to visit for cyclists. Especially if you are a kind of adventurous cyclist, I bet the ride in the island would be a unforgettable experience.
Interestingly most of the routes of Hokkaido, different direction makes entirely different terrain.
That means you can choose many distinctive routes on your adventure.
Bihoro Pass is the one of them really impressive place for cyclist in Hokkaido.
The altitude 525m mountain is in the Akan National Park.
Yes it’s not so high mountain, but there are so many breathtaking scenary in this area.
From the crest, you can see the second-largest size caldera lake in the world “Lake Kussharo” under your location.That’s a really stunning view.
I used to grab a vite local food “fried potatoes” when Iarrived at the crest.
The potatoes’ carbohydrate well works for exausted body!
Of course there is a hot spring called “Onsen”at the foot of the mountain just like as a prize of post category 2 climb.
And there is a nice coffee roaster at the foot of mountain. Actually visit the coffee shop is reson why I ride to here!
Words and photos by @Kei_taniguchi

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