18707583704_56e3b352ea_k When did you start riding?

I started pretty late on the bike! If I remember it right, I was 5. I got my first BMX bike as a birthday gift from my father and one year later I started to race in the local BMX races. I learned how to ride thanks to my brother. We were lucky because we had BMX track right next to our house. I quit BMX racing when I was 9 and completely went crazy into snowboarding…which I love till today. I returned to cycling after many years, mainly thanks to my girlfriend who simply loved it. I was rusty after a long absence from the saddle. I needed to start from scratch.

What bike do you ride or ride the most?

Difficult question:). The truth is, tough, that I will never be 100 percent roadie… I like changing bikes, and from time to time I go back to steep trails in the forest. I love when I just don’t have to follow the road. It’s endless variety of paths to choose and places to ride that makes biking so interesting. I feel definitelly more free on a mountain bike.

Is there anything special about your bike?

I do not have special relationship to my bikes.. I change my gear very often so I don’t give names to my bikes or something like that:) It must fit to me – easy as that 🙂 Just ride!

Have you got a favourite ride or place to ride and why?

Definittely KRAS. I live in the north of Brno, not far away from Moravsky Kras area. It takes me two minutes to reach the closest forest trail, and 15 minutes maximum to get to the stuning roads in the heart of Moravsky Kras. There are stuning caves around here and abysses as well, the most famous one is Macocha, which is and atounding 134 meters in depth.

What is the most amazing thing you have done on a bike?

Riding a bike every day. That is an amazing thing. Moreover, if you carry your 18 months old son with:)

If you were to go on a cycling adventure where would you go?

Iceland or Norway. These countries I would like to visit.

Why do you ride?

Cycling makes me happy every day. No matter which bike I ride.

How do you feel when cycling?

Totally FREE!

Have you got a favourite view?

Lots of views… but my favourite one is Praded. This mountain peak situated in the north of Czech republic is 1493m above sea level. For me, it is one of the best rides possible, and I can’t even count how many times I have been standing on the top and enjoying the view.

How do you capture the views?

Mostly with my phone or with a super small Sony RX100.







Words and photos by @parez

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