Planning a bike ride can be a real hassle, sometimes. Especially if you want to look forward to a ride “with a view”. Even with all the online tools available nowadays, planning your ride can consume a lot of time and effort. And if you bother too little, you’re likely to end up on some boring stretches of road and even worse, miss out on the nicest parts of the landscape that lay hidden alongside some tiny roads, while you ‘re messing about on some ugly, noisy A-road.


Here in Belgium (and in Holland too) we’ve got the perfect solution for this problem. It’s called “knooppunten”, which translates into “cycling nodes” and it’s basically a whole network of .. uhh .. nodes which you can connect with each other into your cycling route of choice. Each route between 2 nodes is fixed and at most nodes you can choose between 2 or more nodes to continue your route. The routes between the nodes are mostly bicycle paths alongside rivers or canals, old railroad tracks, rural roads, etc. But of course there are also some nice city roads. The point is, you can rely on the system to provide you with beautiful cycling roads.


The system has some super pro’s:

The distance between each node is known, so after planning your ride, you know exactly what distance you will be riding.


No hassle with gps devices (although you can download your route as a gpx file). You only need a list of numbers and the signs along the road will show you where to go.

Beautiful scenery garanteed!

So now get out there and ride!

Words and photos by @ratherslow

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