When did you start riding?

I rode a bit when I was a kid, I had a Falcon Kellogs Milk Race “racer” as it was called then. I remember the pedals on that bike were metal and were very painful when they hit your shins. My mum bought me a wool jersey to go with it, which was boiling – how tech and times have changed! I’ve been back on the bike proper since early 2012.

What bike do you ride or ride the most?

My main whip of choice is a Giant TCR Advanced 1. Although that will change when the season changes.

Is there anything special about your bike?


Have you got a favourite ride or place to ride and why?

My favourite place to ride is through the South Downs National Park, around Midhurst and Petworth, the back lanes and countryside are wonderfully peaceful and I love that connection with silence and nature. For the same reason the New Forest is a pretty special place.

What is the most amazing thing you have done on a bike?

Encouraged others to take up cycling and given them advice on getting started. Sure,I’d very much like to ride LA2JOG, but for me helping others to experience the magic of cycling is far better. To hear them come back to me saying “It was great, I loved that ride”, or “I really enjoyed going down to wherever” is brilliant.

If you were to go on a cycling adventure where would you go?

I’d love to ride through Croatia. The scenery looks stunning and I’ve read that the road quality [surface] is great. Surface can make such a difference to a ride, elevating it from good to great.

Why do you ride?

To connect with the world, to feel part of my environment and escape the concrete and cars. Riding is freedom, the sound of nothing but your freehub is one of the best sounds around in my book.

How do you feel when cycling?

Liberated; the stresses and strains of daily life are, for that moment, left behind.

Have you got a favourite view?

The view from Houghton Hill is rather nice as the county spreads out eastwards (just a shame it’s on a main road!), I also like the view from the top of Titch Hill/Steyning Bostal, you can see for miles across the land and out to the sea. I’ve just got a mountain bike so I’m hoping to widen my knowledge of great views as I immerse myself in the green and countryside.

How do you capture the views?

I use my phone. I like to keep things simple.

Words and photos by @jerckx

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