I am no Queen of the Mountains, but does it really matter?

The end of one year and the start of another often calls for reflection, new year’s resolutions and new beginnings, but why do we feel we have to feel that way?

When I started Ridewithaview over three years ago I had no big plans, but like most of the projects I have started over the years it was born out of a passion to bring people together and collaborate to create something different, unique and inspiring.

So many times for the past year I have been asked how I wanted to grow RWAV? How I wanted to make it better and more attractive to more people? Didn’t I want to earn money from it by selling branded products or getting sponsorship? My answer has always been “I don’t know” because RWAV does not belong to me – I have facilitated and created a site where people could come together and that should be enough, right?

We are feeling so pressurised to conform, belong, be more, do more, pretend, sell, buy, and make money that I wanted to create a place where we could be ourselves, be unique, free, slow down, have a break from it all and have permission to ride our bikes the way we want to without being told how to.

Looking at the photos you tag and the stories you send us, I believe we have created that place.

Yes, I have ideas. I always have ideas – one of them is doing a short film about us all, why we like riding bikes, slowing down, stopping and reconnecting with our surroundings, whether we ride in cities, the countryside, by the sea or up a hill or a mountain. About how riding our bikes make us feel – and organise more inspiring RWAV talks events. So why not? Why not come together and make it happen this year? I am no Queen of the Mountains, not a brand ambassador, no money in the bank, no big plans, but I believe when we bring people together we can achieve amazing things and that should be enough…

What do you think?

Words and photos by @carinesinsta

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