It has been a while since I last found the inspiration and time to transfer what goes on in my relentless crazy and creative brain onto a blank page.

January is always the month you get inundated with stories and posts about endings, beginnings and resolutions, so I was keen to wait a little longer before writing and sharing that highly anticipated new year post.

Don’t get me wrong – starting a new hobby or attempting to better oneself is a noble pursuit and should be attempted and supported in one’s life, but I love and favour first times over resolutions any day.

Can you remember the thrill of your ‘first times’? The headspace and planning involved in the run up to some of them, the surprises, the lessons learned, the conflicting feelings, the excitement and the lasting memories?

So I invite you to revisit, appreciate and enjoy “first times” this year.

I would also like to thank all of you who have shared their first times, adventures, heartbreaks, losses, challenges, photos of their shiny new bikes and lycra, PBs, coffee and food, selfies, kids and pets, together with their dreams and views of the beautiful – and less beautiful – world we live in. Very much looking forward to more and more of them in the next few months and wishing you all many more adventures on and off the bike.

Not forgetting the amazing people who left us this year and the missed opportunities to meet them. I’m sorry, Andy, that I didn’t drop you the email I said I would, but I promise I will have my bike sprayed in the RWAV colours in your memory as soon as I can afford it.

Lastly, we love hearing from you and your news, so drop us a line at whenever you feel like it.


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