Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel completely comfortable with how your photos will be used by Ride with a View, and as photographers ourselves, we know how important it is to protect your copyright and ensure your photos aren’t used in a way you wouldn’t feel comfortable with or haven’t given us permission to.

This Q&A should answer most questions you might have about the site and how we use your photos, but if you have any questions not covered here, e-mail us at and we’ll respond personally and add our response to the site.

What happens when I share photos with or write a story for #ridewithaview?

When you share photos or a story with us, we’ll use some of the photos to share your story via our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages.

No matter what happens, you hold the copyright on the photos and whatever you’ve written, but you’re allowing us to use the photo and share your story on the website.

If you ever change your mind or don’t want your story on the site anymore, get in touch and we’ll take it down.

I’ve tagged my photo #ridewithaview – does this mean you can use my photo for whatever you want?

No. We promise not to use your photos for anything other than to share stories and show people some of the amazing photos people are taking when they’re out riding their bikes.

That photo isn’t anything to do with cycling…!

We tried to use a hashtag that other people weren’t using, so you could easily search for cycling photos without seeing a thousand unrelated photos on the same hashtag, but nobody owns the #ridewithaview hashtag and we can’t control who uses it – so every now and then you might see photos of horses, motorbikes and even cable cars appear on the website.

You’ve re-grammed one of my photos – I didn’t give you permission to do this

We follow lots of photographers on Instagram, and when we see photos we love, we really want to share them with other people, but we will never take credit for someone else’s work, or try to pass it off as our own.

When we do re-gram, your Instagram name will appear on the image, and we’ll tag and credit you in the photo description so you know we’ve done it.

If for some reason there’s any confusion about the photo being used or you want us to remove it, just get in touch with us and we’ll take it off our Instagram.

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